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COMMUNITY Gift Card Funds

Create a fund for the community you represent.  A community can be a neighborhood, city, county.  Communities can also be defined by a common lifestyle, cause, profession, trade or faith.  

Any nonprofit organization like a chamber of commerce, Rotary, tourism council, DMO, business district, professional association, foundation, church or museum responsible for promoting their community.

A minimum of 10 fund participants (donors) is required to start a Community Gift Card Fund with us.  You, as the organizer, have full control over who participates in your fund.  We can manage the whole setup, backend and reporting for you.  We charge a monthly $200 fee to maintain a community fund with up to 10 donors and there is no limit to the number of donation requests that can be processed.

All donation requests for a fund come through its own dedicated online form.  This form is normally embedded on the organizer’s website.   Any fund participant can point donation requests that come to them in the normal course of business to this form.  Those requests will be circulated back to them and all the other fund participants.

You do!  The fund organizer names, owns and controls their fund.  

Once the first 10 participants in your new fund are known, it takes only a few minutes for you to set up.  Allow one week for the fund to be fully customized and operational. 

CORPORATE Gift Card Funds

Create a Corporate Gift Card Fund for your business.  Excellent option for companies with a strong commitment to community leadership and no gift cards of their own.

Any company interested in local community outreach, engagement and leadership can establish a Corporate Gift Card Fund, including businesses who do not sell their own gift cards, such as professional services firms, financial institutions, consumer brands, major employers and media companies.

Companies have various options to generate gift card donation requests for the raffles and auctions they care about most.  This is normally discussed during the setup process.

You do!  Your company names, controls and owns its fund.

The cost of setting up this type of fund depends on a few factors.  We help companies understand their costs upfront before establishing this type of fund.  A commitment to donate at least $10,000 worth of gift cards is required to establish a Corporate Gift Card Fund. 

A new corporate fund takes 1-2 weeks to be fully operational.